Night Night Lullaby Moon and Clouds

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Night Night Lullaby Moon and Clouds

Best Baby Lullabies
7 ratings

1 Hour of Night  Night Lullaby Flying Over the Clouds

Float off to dreamland with Best Baby Lullabies Night Night Lullaby 

Rocking your baby to this lullaby will help baby drift off to sleep with this lovely Fisher Price style musical lullabies and these wonderful dreamy images of floating above the clouds to the stars and moon beyond. They are very hypnotic even for adults.This is called 'Night Night' and is a lilting waltz rhythm which is great for rocking baby before putting baby down for the night.

Here is what our customers say:-

Carina Costa 

"Me and my baby fall asleep in 5 minutes I have to thank you so much, because this music is a miracle for me hah ah After 2 hours  to put her asleep, this music just do that in 5 mins lol"

Lia Weaver 

"My son loves this song. When it turns off he wakes up and gets all mad. Only 1 month old and has a favorite song already. Thank you! "

Kelly Vidal 

"This music does it every time!!!! I use it daily for nap time. Thanks for uploading and making it the best go to place that`s sure to deliver :)"

Sweet dreams from Best Baby Lullabies x

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